Argan Oil Spray Treatment


This is one of my favorite hydrating treatment for my skin.  It also eliminates my frizz – especially on humid days that tend to mess with my hair.  It also provides color protections.

This Argan spray bottom, has the pure of essence of Argan.  The Argan liquid inside of it is not as thick as regular Argan oil so that it can be transmitted via a spray bottle.

This particular bottle is 5.6 ounces and is idea for keeping your hair shiny and silky feeling.  I particularly like it more than any other essence of Argan oils on the market.

“Essence” Defined

The dictionary defines the word Essence as a property or group of properties of something without which it would not exist.  It is also the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something that determines its character.

In the case of Argan oil, the Essence of Argan is the result of taking all the qualities of pure Argan Oil and capturing all of its indispensable qualities by squeezing it out of its fruit into a thick liquid form.

Once extracted from its tree and fruit, the true Essence of Argan is then sold to the public so that everyone can share in its rich benefits.

One & Only Argan Oil


If you are like the rest of Hollywood, looking for the latest solution to looking young then you already know the amazing impact of pure Argan oil can have on your skin.  Argan oil’s anti-wrinkle abilities and healing capability with acne and many of the other skin problems is well founded.  Celebrities on the west and east coast of the United States are fighting over themselves for cold press Moroccan Argan Oil.

Once you start using the Essence of Argan Oil, you will understand why people are claiming that it has replaced botox. Argan oils ability to deal with wrinkles and reverse the aging process is legendary.

But the benefits of Argan Oil does not stop at skin care.  It can also be used to repair and soften your hair.  It can repair dry scalp, moisten dry hand, repair nails, cracked feet, rashes, and help you regrow your hair.

Despite all of its benefits, the most amazing thing about it is its price.  For a 3.4 oz bottle of One & Only of pure Argan Oil, it only cost $9.99 and that is it.  So don’t go out and spend $30 to $60 when you can buy it for only $9.99.

You can buy it on popular website like Amazon or just search for One & Only Argan Oil but you can also find the anti-aging cream at most discount perfume stores as well.


Argan Oil Culinary Uses

Many people only know Argan oil for its extraordinary cosmetic uses.  We all know what the moisturizing oil can do to rejuvenate your facial skin and how it can heal damage skin but very few know about its culinary uses.


Many people in Morocco use Argan oil to drip bread into and use it similar to what many use Olive oil for. The oil is great to eat with a French baguette or any breads.  Just like olive oil, other use Argan oil on salads as a salad dressing or as a seasoning ingredient.

The oil can also be used as a marinating ingredient for marinating meats, chicken, and seafood.  The oil can also be used to roasting peanuts and almonds which is very popular in Morocco.

Argan oil also has many health benefits.  It is said to help prevent certain cancers, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.  But it should be noted that there is not a lot of scientific research to support these beliefs at this time.

The major essence or difference between the Argan oil used for your skin and for cooking is that the oil used for cooking is lightly roasted so that it has a golden brown nutty flavor.

Welcome Everyone!

You have arrived at the Essence of Argan. We are here to explain the benefits of argan oil and how its natural oils can moisturize your skin and treat your hair.